Jan. 19th, 2005

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I'm having one of those days where if you piss me off I may just try and hurt you...

What happened? Let's recap...
9:08am- woke up.
I have a 9am class and was 20 min late. Lindsey came back from her 8am class and asked me what I was still doing in bed. I glanced at my clock and I think my answer was "apparently sleeping in! Shit! I almost slept through my fucking class. Shit. Shit. (went to bathroom, brushed teeth) Shit, is it too late to go? Fuck. He does't take attendance till the end, I'm going. Damn, fuck, no time to shower (brush hair). FUCK! (get dressed)(left room)." Ariel told me she heard me all the way from her room.

So I got to bio and sat down, ready to take notes. I reach into my bag and find...no glasses! The entire powerpoint was a fuzzy blob. I spent the whole time squinting at the screen and asking Evan to read me sentances I couldn't make out. He showed me his notebook but I can't read his handwriting! I was so asleep I wasn't paying attention when the prof asked for volunteers, thereby losing a possible extra-credit point. Plus what we studied today (mitosis/meosis) will be on Friday's quiz.

After an intersting Baldwin lunch I went to the bookstore to buy my English books. While buying them I noticed I had bought the wrong book when I bought books originally (I had the section wrong). The cashier informed me that I couldn't return books, the deadline had passed. I missed the deasline by one day. ONE FUCKING DAY!!!! I'm out $42. I never even opened the damn book. Plus, I somehow managed to lose (?) one of the books Ariel lent me, one I was supposed to have read for today, so I may have to buy a copy. I only have about $200 left in my checking account (at least I did before buying books today).

Plus, I almost got run over coming out of Brit Lit.

It's just not my day...
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There are numerous protests going on tomorrow due to Bush's inaugeration. One that I can really get behind is a sort of buy nothing day. The point is to protest Bush and make him look foolish spending thousands of dollars on his inaugeration while the economy suffers.

PLEASE don't buy anything tomorrow. If there's something you really need, just put it off a day

Some of us can go to Washington and protest, others have to protest at home.

Jesse gets to go to Washington. She's wearing her Tofu shirt so I called her a "Vegeterrorist"...just thought I'd share. See? Politics can be funny too.

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