Jan. 29th, 2005

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So this Saturday/Sunday will be Ariel and my anniversaries with out boyfriends. We decided to celebrate Sat night cuz it'd be easier. So by Friday night we were still getting things ready. I needed to finish my present for Evan so I needed to go to a craft store. Ariel and I ended up persuading Brooke to drive us to Battle Creek. It was actually pretty fucking entertaining!

We picked up Meg and Meg and I clung to the seats in front of us as Brooke peeled out of Albion. As she got to the expresway chunks of ice kept falling off the top of the car and on to the windshield (which caused us to scream cuz all we heard was the crunching sound). We finally got to the mall and headed straight for Spencers. Meg and I went to the adult section and picked out presents for Ariel and Doug. After a while we headed over to Hot Topic. Ariel and I are clearance sale junkies and both managed to find some cool stuff. Meg found a huge snow pile in the parking lot and decided to climb it. She was doing fine till she got to the top and slid ass-first down the pile.

After Hot Topic we realized the mall was closing and headed over to Walmart for craft glue. As we were walking past the mens' section I stopped and told Ariel "look, the pants are bigger than I am!" Ariel took charge and led us to the craft section becuase she's our Battle Creek tour guide. She told us to follow her so, of course, that led us to follow her skipping, singing "Following the leader." I found craft glue and was ready to go but first had to pry Meg from the video games. She was playing some weird Japanese drum game where if you hit the note the drum spat out chickens but if you missed the note it spat out something that looked like sperm. This led me to stand behind her asking questions like "why is the drum spitting out semen?" "why does the drum have arms and legs" and "why is the drum dancing?"

I was all ready to go and paid for the glue (rubber cement type glue) when the cashier asked me for ID. I got carded for buying fucking glue!!! . Apparently you need to be at least 18 to buy rubber cement!!! This was especially funny because I've told Ariel I get carded for EVERYTHING!! We walked back to the parking lot, again skipping and singing. This time Brooke was the leader and I modified the song to "following the leader until she gets hit by a car."

Next we went to Walgreens to get my film that we sent to be developed (maybe I'll post some pics later. We have a spirit picture!!!). Meg and I played with lighters, then we left. On the way back some song Meg and I knew (just barely, important thing was it wasn't country) so we sang along, mumbling most of it.

When we finally got back to Wesley we didn't want the night to end so we all slept in Meg's room. We looked at pictures and read Meg's girly magazines then finally went to sleep at around 3. Meg's room is in the same hall as my ex-roommate so I tried ducking her. It got to the point where Ariel and I were holding all our stuff and I whispered "It's her! Limp away, limp away" (I had semi-twisted my ankle that morning) and Cam came up to us, asking why we were running away carrying all our stuff. Fun.

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