Jan. 30th, 2005

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Ok so after all the stuff from my last entry happened Meg, Evan, and I went to lunch then to her room to watch movies. At around 5ish (when Ariel got off work) we said goodbye to Evan and went to Ariel's room to get ready. We ended up being an hour and a half late for the date!

Evan came up to get us and Meg, Ariel,and I went outside to where Doug's car should have been. We stood on the porch of Wesley yelling "Dougle!" "Fraggle!" "Take us with you back to Fraggle Rock!" (this is an inside joke between Ariel and me). He finally got back from circling and we went to Seaton. Once in Seaton we took pics and exchanged gifts. Evan got me a little beanie baby lamb...named Tender. It got more morose as I read the poem inside. The first two lines were "Please be quiet, don't make a peep/ This little lamb is trying to sleep." I asked him if he was going to get me Medium Rare the cow for our next anniversary... I got him a picture frame I decorated and put a picture of us inside. THEN Ariel and Doug opened the presents Meg and I (mostly Meg)picked out for them. They got a doorsign with 2 stick people in a sexual postiton that read "Ahh Ohhh room occupied," an oral sex instruction booklet with lube, some sort of gel, and a Cosmo in which Meg highlighted the good parts. Doug was not pleased. Ariel was trying to act all innocent but she was the one who came up with the idea and gave Meg the $20 to do it.

Meg walked back to Wesley and we headed to dinner in Jaskson at a cute fast food Italian place. We were there for a little while then decided to walk around the mall while waiting for the movie to start (we were gonna see Phantom of the Opera). We got to the parking lot of the mall and Doug pulled into a parking space but didn't stop completely, he skidded forward a little. Evan walked over to the entrance and told us the mall was closed. Doug kept trying to stop but couldn't. After some investigation we realized he was out of brake fluid, his car was leaking. We came to this conclusion after Ariel and Doug trekked to the gas station and put more fluid in the car only to end up with a puddle underneath. Doug used Ariel's cell to call his friends and we began what would be our 3 hour wait.

We sat in the car, Ariel and Doug in the front seat and Evan and I in the back seat, trying to stay warm and enjoy ourselves (Ariel and I were wearing skirts cuz we thought it'd be "fun" to dress up). We were in the car from 9:30 till 12:30, I can only imagine how cold it was...

Evantually Doug's friends showed up and took us back to Albion. We were all sitting in the trunk of their minivan next to groceries and other misc items. Thankfully we broke down in the parking lot and made it back to Albion safe and sound.

And now, after all this, homework...

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