Jan. 31st, 2005

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Last night was too fun. I went to Meg's room to attempt to do hw (yea right, did I really think I'd get anything done?). Evan came over a little later, it was really funny. Meg and I heard this little knock on the door and he came in all out of breath.

Evan: "The sororities are coming!!!

Then he went into this 5 minute long horror movie-esque monolog about escaping from the "soroities" (it's pledge week and not only are they everywhere, they're all dressed alike). It was hysterical, I was laughing so hard I was crying!

We all hung out in Meg's room watching Invader Zim. Meg and I had an intervention for Evan and made a permanent marker tally mark on his hand every time he said "aww." Then I tickled him and Meg laughed cuz she'd never heard him laugh again (he sounds like a Furby when you tickle him :) ). We then went into Illysa's (hope I spelled that right) room to have Evan retell his monologue to Jess and Ilyssa. Once there we hung out and told jokes till 3am. I got nothing done...

Today isn't going so great though. The day started out by Lindsey and I being awakened by a beeping sound. We realized it wasn't either of our alarms cuz they're set to music, nor was it our cell phones or watches...what we heard beeping from 6am till 9am was an alarm clock...FROM NEXT DOOR! Fun.

I got 4-5 hour sleep and was falling alseep in bio. Evan never showed up and I couldn't even sit in my usual seat, it was usurped by these 2 kids that are kind of annoying, I ate lunch with them once. I just sat and took notes all period, like some sort of note-taking machine. Next I had my advanced English class which, luckily, was meeting at the coffee house (CAFFINE!!!). I tried a mocha but found it to be really bitter. We started discussing Chomsky and the topic of Holocause deniers and antisemetism came up. I was talking to the girls next to me and one suddenly turned to me and apologized...then I realized my star of David necklace had fallen out of my shirt and become visible (I usually wear it tucked into my shirts). Damn, outed as a Jew again...I hate Albion sometimes.

Next I have Brit Lit, then maybe sleep (although it'll probably turn into cleaning, hw, or more livejournaling), dinner, and History club. I'm really busy and will only get busier as the week goes on...

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