Feb. 26th, 2005

My Night

Feb. 26th, 2005 02:41 am
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After dinner I went with Evan to his brother's basketball game; it was pretty entertaining. First of all I loved being in a public school because I feel a little deprived being in private school my whole life. Evan and I were hanging out in the band room and I got to meet his friend Josh. Josh is pretty cool, we talked for a while. Turns out he's a huge Donnie Darko fan too. I pointed to the whitboard behind me where I had written "Donnie Darko died for my sins" and he said he could hug me! Writing on the whiteboard was fun >:)

I wrote:
"Donnie Darko died for my sins" (in both English and Hebrew)
"I went to Jewish Academy and all I know how to say is 'go to hell' " (in hebrew) :)

Turns out Evan's principal knows hebrew... oops. Luckily the chances of him seeing it are low and I'm sure that one token Jewish kid at the school will get the blame anyway.

I had a very Angela-ish moment tonight (QoW). Evan took me on a tour of his school and, yes, we were holding hands but we weren't very PDA-ish. There were 2 kids hanging out by the gym and when they saw us approach, holding hands, they felt the need to catcall at us. They yelled things like "hey, I think there's a bed in this classroom," and other stupid shit like that. I told them to shut up and rolled my eyes. When we turned to leave I heard one dare the other to "start something." IF ONLY THEY KNEW WHO THEY WERE DEALING WITH!!! >:)

* spent 1 week in the Israeli army
* recieved award for best overall performance in the Israeli army
* has taken a Tong Su Doh class (Korean martial arts)
* has known how to Judo flip people since elementary school

I could've easily kicked their asses. I've told Evan before that I've always wanted to beat someone up, not because I'm violent but because I don't like people assuming I'm weak because of my small stature. I'm stronger than my boyfriend and he's almost twice my size (I'm just barely 5 feet, he's 5'10"). It'd be kind of a "ha, take that! THAT'S what you get for making atupid assumptions about people...heightist bastard..."

K done ranting. Just wanted to share my funny story. As we walked away I kept wishing under my breath that they'd start something so I could inflict some damage...in a totally unrelated story, have I mentioned my period's come?
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This makes me happy :)
If I were God over LiveJournal... by shinikami
Jesus would bee_dann
The four archangels would bekingmatfei
The Blessed Virgin would bekgoldenphoenix
Satan would be6certain6death6
The antichrist would beheartofdetroit
And YOU would beIn Hell
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