Feb. 28th, 2005

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I had a weird day today. First of all I'm sick, have been since Wed. I finally gave into Evan's suggestions of going to Campus health after blowing my nose all through bio (and the girl in front of me kept turning around to stare >:/). I went to campus health and, even though walk-in hours were over (it was 4:05)the woman at the desk helped me. I asked if they had Dayquil, which I had been taking. They gave me something called "GoodSense soothing cough, cold & flu relief" because it has less alcohol content. It said to take every 6 hours so I took a dose then, thinking I'd take another at 10.

I CRASHED . I took a nap in Evan's bed and didn't want to get up. I've never felt so tired in my life. When I woke up my body felt limp and I was confused both as to where I was and why Evan was with me. I went to dinner and saw Ariel who informed me I looked stoned. Fun. Apparently I went to history club looking stoned. I now have to study for a bio exam in this state of detachment, I'll probably take some more of the miracle medicine tonight, I don't have to get up till at least 11 tomorrow :P

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