Apr. 26th, 2005

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Last night Less Than Jake, Allister, Kane Hodder, and Hidden in Plain View were right here at Albion. It was fucking awesome! Meg and I volunteered and got to be on music crew meaning we got to carry the various bands' equiptment on and off stage (how many other people can say they've touched Charley Potter's drumset!!). I also got a pretty sweet pass with my name on it and SECURITY written on it all official-looking. Being the music whore I am I went up to the merchandise table and started talking with the guys from Hidden in Plain View. I was also promoting my show and handed business cards to all the bands but one. Kane Hodder was so happy to hear someone was promoting them they gave me a FREE CD! They also gave me a free poster because they knew me. I think I have a new "band" (kinda like how EPC was "my band"). The singer, Andy, was really cool- he signed my shirt and took a picture with me (he's the one that gave me the free stuff). Plus he's also into X-men so we talked about that. I actually missed them play so I was bummed about that.

We found Froi's twin!!! Meg and I were hanging out near the stairs next to the stage when I saw him and told Meg. We ran up to him and did the whole say hi/get autograph/flirt/take picture thing with him (but he wasn't wearing his glasses :( )

Hidden in Plain View was good. The view from next to the stage was amazing. I could see the lights and was soooo close to the bands. Meg and I got the guys from HIPV to sign us too. I also got one of their guitar strings :)

Allister was the reason I attended this concert in the first place. It was so cool to finally be able to see them live! I'm pretty sure I got their autographs too. I got some good pictures. They were really nice too, one of them helped me pick out which of their CDs I should buy.

Less Than Jake was okay. They have a really good stage presence but (a) I only knew one of their songs and (b) their mics sucked. They were really cool though, I got to talk to the guitarist before he went on for an encore. The coolest part was when Less Than Jake called all the volunteers up on stage with them and I GOT TO DANCE ON STAGE WITH LESS THAN JAKE!!! There was a sea of people in red and yellow t-shirts jumping and dancing, it was awesome. I will definitly post pics when I get my camera developed.

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