May. 18th, 2005

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I have 3 somewhat related things to update about:

1) I got my high school's newspaper in the mail yesterday (I don't know why I still get it) and it had pictures of the senior class in the airport, going on their senior trip. I couldn't believe no one told me sooner! I'm friends with most of the people in that class and would have visited the school sooner if I knew they were leaving so soon. Also, I'm kinda jealous of them- they get to go to Israel (which was pretty fun)while I'm rotting here.

2)I was at Target yesterday and I ran into my old high school English teacher (who was also my adviser and told me numerous times that she thought I had an abnormal social life). Unfortunately she recognized me and I was forced into small talk for a couple minutes. Lately it seems I can not escape high school...

3)While at Target I was bored and went to the music dept (which is abismal at best). I was looking for the Coheed and Cambria DVD but they only had 9 music DVDs and none were the one I wanted. Annoyed, I scanned the CDs for anything good. I found Avril Lavigne in the "best of rock" section. I waited till no one was looking and put all her CDs in the "best of pop" section where they belong! That improved my mood a little :)

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