Jul. 4th, 2005

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Fourth of July has always been a weird holiday for me. When I was younger I hated it because that was the day my parents separated. As I got older I began to look at it as a romantic holiday. It's the one holiday that shows true American spirit- the colonists realized they were being abused and took action! They stood up for what they believed in (unlike now where America says it still has that imperialist spirit but really are a sort of global bully). The Boston Tea Party is an example of what the underdog can do when they're passionate enough. Being the fan of the punk movement I am, I love stories about the colonists and their "give me liberty or give me death" attitude. In a semi-related note, I really liked this article and meant to post this yesterday: http://www.freep.com/sports/albom/mitch3e_20050703.htm

My family usually goes to my grandparents' house because they live on a lake. We take my uncle's boat out onto the water and watch fireworks. When I was in 9th grade I had a huge crush on a guy I met and was thisclose to dating him. That year I imagined him being there with me, sitting next to me on the boat, 4th of July has been romantic for me ever since. This year I actually do have a boyfriend but he's too far away to come celebrate with me. All this week I was wondering how I'd feel on the boat without him...

...I never got to go on the boat. One of my grandmother's friends invited herself and her husband over. Between her and my sister's friend I couldn't open my mouth without someone making some sort of comment (it just isn't 4th of July until you've been called an idiot by a girl 3 years younger than you). The boat's light broke and my uncle threw a fit instead of fixing it. I brought a book and couldn't even read it. It took me 3 hours to read 2 chapters. Then it started thunderstorming so we went home. I had a fireworks-less 4th.

Sorry for the emo entry but I was really looking forward to this and it fizzled which seems to be the theme of this summer

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