Jul. 11th, 2005

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Yesterday I was at my grandparents' house when my uncle came by with a box. He's moving again. He moved 8 years ago for a more prestigious address and he's doing the same again. This time he's moving into a $2 million house.

Apparently his family can't be bothered to pack. He lies to my grandparents, telling them he can't visit them because he's packing when in reality he's just emptying drawers into garbage bags and throwing everything out. He left his garbage bags at my grandparents' house and my mother heard he was throwing away perfectly good (and now hard to find) VHS movies. We went through the bags and you wouldn't beleive what we found!

They threw out their kids' art projects, school awards, even their stuffed animals (2 of their kids are away at camp right now and in for a rude awakening when they return). They just threw this out. I don't understand how you can just THROW OUT clothes, old toys, and books. I donate my clothes and books on a regular basis, partly to clean up and partly to give back to the community. I went through and gave my grandmother all the stuffed animals so she could donate them.

I also found a working jewlery box (with a pair and a half of earrings still in it!!), a whole bag of superhero cards, BEATLES audio cassettes, 2 old Marvel magazines, a pair of headphones in perfect condition I can use at the station, and...

an ORIGINAL Luke Skywalker action figure from the 1970's!!!!!

I feel like we own a piece of history.

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