Nov. 9th, 2005

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I just wrote a 4-page paper in 2 hours. I paper I forgot was due tomorrow until someone from class IMed me, frantic.

In other news, I have gone through an entire black ink cartridge in a month. Shit.


Nov. 9th, 2005 02:22 pm
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5 years ago I was...
1. 14
2. Starting high school (I feel old...)
3. seriously considering asking someone out
4. reconnecting with one of my best friends
5. dealing with a friendship ending

1 year ago I was...
1. 18
2. starting college
3. seriously considering asking someone out
4. still with roommate # 1
5. living in Ariel and Jesse's room

Yesterday I was...
1. 19
2. frantically writing a paper
3. cleaning my room
4. watching Meg play marrionette in Dan's hall
5. trying to download a cool ringtone for my phone

5 snacks/foods I enjoy...
1. Pizza
2. Cereal
3. cherry coke
4. big Albion cookies
5. goldfish crackers

5 songs I know the words to are...
1. any Good Charlotte song
2. 99 red balloons (obviously the english version, covered by Goldfinger)
3. Less Than Jake- look what happened
4. Veruca Salt- someone
5. others....

5 things I would do with one million dollars are...
1. ...have a good reason to stop working at Baldwin
2. able to buy textbooks!
3. ...donate it
4. establish a budget for anime club
5. my own room

5 places I would run away to...
1. home
2. my fort-bed
3. evan's house
4. meg's room
5. livejournal

5 favorite (American) TV shows are...
1. family guy
2. american dad
3. drawn together (damn you kelly, you got me addicted!)
4. south park
5. invader zim

5 fictional characters I would date....
1. No clue;
2. Probably some anime guy
3. who looks kind of like a girl
4. cuz most of them do.
5. You know it's true.

5 friends I tag are...


In other news, today I made a comment in my American Lit class that made Mary Collar laugh! I think I may have actually impressed her. Maybe sleep deprivation isn't such a bad thing...


Nov. 9th, 2005 08:35 pm
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Not only did I get a recent registration time this year, I actually got most of the classes I wanted. In fact, I got all of them except one (social psych).


And since I know a lot of albion people will be posting their schedules soon mine is  Under the cut )

to save space :)


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