Nov. 15th, 2005

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So, as my previous posts point out, Christmas is possibly the most commercialized holiday. EVER.

But wait, it gets better...
Whatever newspaper the college has (Globe?) had an article on childrens' letters to Santa. Apparently, FOX thought of all those letters and decided they were missing out on a marketable idea. So, they will begin work on a new reality tv show in which childrens' letters to Santa are fulfilled. Sounds sweet, right? Remember, this is FOX. The show will have music provided by a handful of popular singers, including some American Idol contestants who didn't make it. The soundtrack CD will be sold, probably just in time to be a stocking stuffer.
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Yesterday was... well, an average day. Had a nice Nyquil-induced sleep, went to class, took Dayquil, went to work. After work, Meg and Dan wanted to go to Walmart for cheap Pomegranites and I tagged along. It's kind of sad that to us the big place to go "out" to is Walmart, but we find ways to make our own fun.

Our first stop was to Taco Bell because Meg wanted to hit it before it closed. Last time we drove by it we came about 30 minutes too late. Apparently Meg is addicted... While at Taco Bell we saw a vending machine full of beautiful parody stickers. Meg and I both bought a sticker (and actually got the one we wanted!). My sticker )

Then, stolen sporks in tow, we went to Walmart. We bought pomegranites with little suggestion stickers on them like "use me to top ice cream." Mine bragged about it's antioxidants.. it was a conceited little pomegranite. We did the usual sweep through clothes and movies, but didn't find anything. We did, however meet a nice Walmart woman who took Meg to the toy aisle and thought Meg and I were SISTERS!

Possibly the best part of out little excursion was when we went to the cheap-ass $1 aisle. They had a knock-off checker toy (Connect Four's bastard child). They also had squishy pillows!!! I honestly have no idea how it started, but Meg, Dan, and I had a pillow fight in the middle of the aisle. We had the whole aisle to ourselves, we were all lying on the floor, rolling and scrambling to grab pillows, then chucking them at each other. One of the walmart guys walked by, saw us, then just walked away shaking his head. We stopped at one point because we heard the loudspeaker go on and we half expected to hear "attention walmart employees, there are teenagers in the dollar aisle." But we didn't so we resumed our battle.

We left at 10.
We got back at 12.
I finally went to bed at 3.

I love college life...


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