Nov. 28th, 2005

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Professors welcoming us "back to school" seems redundant. I hardly feel like I left. Over break I had to read a 500+ page book (in 4 days), compose biographies on 6 psychologists, and, apparently, work on a psych paper. To make matters worse, I am without a working computer.

Yesterday I got back to my dorm at 2pm and was reading until 3am. I have to admit, I did take a break to see Meg, another to eat, and yeat another to see Evan. I made it past the halfway point when my eyes started to hurt. When I sat up to get ready for bed, I felt a sharp pain in my side (and by "side" I mean from under my arm to my waist). The pain was so sharp, I couldn't breathe! I laid back down, paralized with pain, not being able to breathe or move. Evan pulled me off the bed and forced me to stretch. After some light stretching I was able to move and breate again. Evan thinks this was due to my lack of activity (I spend all my time either sitting in class, sitting or laying down and doing hw, or standing during work).

Unfortunately, today wasn't any better...

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