Dec. 8th, 2005

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Is anyone else highly offended by the group that wants to replace "Happy Holidays" seen at stores, etc with "Merry Christmas?" You know, the one Bill O'Reily talks about but denies participating in? They're going as far as actually BOYCOTTING stores that wish people happy holidays, calling it Un-Christian. They seem to overlook the fact that NOT EVERYONE IS CHRISTIAN!!! Christmas is already a huge holiday that overshadows Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, and any other holidays I may have forgotten (sorry). Are these people really this selfish that they want to COMPLETELY alienate everyone else but the Christmas-celebrators (because not all Christians celebrate Christmas). What's next, are they going to say that having other holidays this time of year affects how they view their own holiday?

It was either the Daily Show or The Colbert Report that called Christmas the only religious federal holiday and it's true. EVERYTHING is closed on Christmas. Christmas specials flood the tv starting after Thanksgiving (if you're lucky). You almost can't live in America without knowing all about Christmas but how much is said about other holidays this time of year?

See the article:
and another one found on the same site that makes me laugh:

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