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2005-11-19 04:53 pm

Girls Night Out kicks serious ass!

Meg called for a girls night out tonight because...well...boyfriends tend to be distracting. Ashly, Dani, Cassie, Brooke, and I sat in Meg's room talking for 3 hours. One of the things we talked about was Walmart, which led to a pilgrimidge (sp). This time I brought my camera :)

Our first stop was to the movie section where we saw this little beauty. You know how some mother's play Baby Genius or Mozart to make their kid (allegedly) smarter? Well this uses to the same logic to make your baby a good little Christian... click here )

We then moved on to the toy section

Lots of pics here! )

Next was the hardware department...

:) )


Next stop: Steak n' Shake )

<u> great quotes from tonight </u>

*we walk into seasonal aisle*
Meg: smells like ass...
Me: ... Christmas ass

Me: "Come with me, let's go find Jesus!!!"

Walmart guy: "Don't let me interrupt" (when Meg and I were fighting)

Me: "The puzzles broke her fall" (when Ashly skated into an endcap)

John: "Sneaky plate!"

"You're gonna break it, fucker!" - drunk/stoned guys in Steak n' Shake (referring to sneaky plate)