Jan. 4th, 2005

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I just had a very depressing conversation regarding an old friend. Here;s the backstory: We've been friends since 2nd grade but around 6th grade he ditched me to start dating girls. We ended up going to the same high school. I viewed this as a fresh start with him, he viewed it as an oppertunity to feel up my friends. I asked him why he insisted on dating all my friends (meanwhile ignoring me) and he said I was a good judge of character. He got kicked out sophomore year for reasons I'm not gonna get into. He was really really close with 2 of my friends...a little too close for my comfort. He spoke about me to them. When I failed to show up for a school function one of them would approach me demanding to know where I was because he asked where I was. Yet whenever I made plans with him he bailed. Soon I just gave up and refused to deal with him and his shit. The entire school knew about our situation (and all took HIS side!).

He called on my birthday. Just randomly out of the blue to see what was up. I wasn't home and when my mom played the tape back for me he sounded all disoriented. I saw him at our middle school reunion and he said he called me bacause it wa an important birthday (my 18th). I used to send him cards on his birthday every year but never got any kind of reply. I also used to call him almost every day after school in 5th grade under the guise of hw in order to talk to him. I was heartbroken when he chose to hang out with my friends over me. And now it turns out he has a new phone number or something. Further proof that I don't know anything about him anymore. I was ready to finally give up my grudge but I'm wondering if we really can be friends again. Can I trust him?


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