May. 14th, 2005

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Motor City Comic Convention was awesome!!! There was actually a lot more free stuff than I thought there'd be- pens, mini-comics, comics, etc. There were also tons of T-shirt places (I got a new RHPS show shirt and keychain!) and a fudge shop (yum!). I saw toys from my childhood and wished I had the money to buy them.


I spent waaaayy too much today. I bought the aforementioned RHPS shirt and keychain, a mini comic (who can resist a hero called Cynicalman?), 2 Jennie Breeden books, a Devils Panties magnet, and a CSI patch. The total came to $35!!! I had only planned to spend $10...


I got a lot of cool free stuff too including a pack of "Micronauts" cards, a homestarrunner coaster, a pin, a con poster, and various flyers. All in all it was so much fun! I got to share Pocky with the one and only Jennie Breeden of Devil's Panties (! She's so cool! We talked for, like, 10 minutes plus I got a picture with her. I also got to climb inside the original A-TEAM van!!!!!!!!! :D


I felt thoroughtly nerdy but at least I was around people that understood. Again, much like with Rocky Horror you can read and read about people showing up in costume but nothing prepares you for it (I came face to face with a Klingon today!!! All I could think of to say was "Oh my God- a Klingon!! and I think he heard me...)


<b> PLUS: </b>

  • Evan called me :)
  • I got to introduce my little brother to RHPS!

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